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Audit Representation $1,000 (includes 1st 5 hours) and $250/hr thereafter.

Additional correspondence/representation and general accounting rate is $195/hr.

IRS Notices 

Upon receipt of a tax return or other document showing a balance due, the following process takes place in the Internal Revenue Service Center. Within several weeks after receipt of the document, the information is placed on the computer system. That system will then initiate a series of notices.

The first notice issued is a document titled “Request for Payment,” which informs the taxpayer that there is a balance due on the return, states the amount of tax, interest and penalties due, and requests payment within ten days. This is the notice statutorily required for the creation of a valid Federal Tax Lien. If the liability is for individual income taxes, and the liability is relatively small, the taxpayer will normally receive four subsequent notices before the IRS proceeds to take any administrative collection measures.

If the liability is not paid after the initial notice, the taxpayer will receive a second notice, “Reminder,”   Notice 501.

The IRS will issue Notice 503, “Urgent, Immediate action is required “, five weeks after the first notice. The taxpayer will receive Notice 504, “Urgent, We intend to levy on certain assets. Please respond NOW.” in the mail five weeks after issuance of  Notice 503 if payment is not made after that notice. Notice 504 is the nastiest of the IRS letters.

If the taxpayer fails to pay after Notice 504 the matter will be referred for collection by the Automated Collection System (ACS). If ACS is unsuccessful in collecting or resolving the matter the IRS will then issue Letter 1058, “FINAL NOTICE, NOTICE OF INTENT TO LEVY AND NOTICE OF YOUR RIGHT TO A HEARING.  PLEASE RESPOND IMMEDIATELY.”

We know that having an IRS problem or getting an IRS letter can be difficult for you.  
We are here to help.  We solve all types of IRS problems including:

  • IRS Notices
  • IRS Collection Cases
  • IRS Audit/Reviews
  • IRS Offers in Compromise
  • IRS Installment agreement requests
  • IRS Penalty Notices
  • Employment Tax Issues
  • IRS Unfiled Tax Returns
  • IRS Bank Levy
  • Statute of Limitations
  • IRS Wage Levy
  • Innocent Spouse


Below are the steps involved to resolve your IRS problems with Tax Force Inc. 

  1. Free Consultation - The first step is to call and schedule your free consultation.  At this meeting we will evaluate your situation and discuss the available options for resolving the matter.
  2. Retain Tax Force Inc - You will be given the opportunity to retain us as your tax representative.  You will be required to sign a Retainer Agreement.  We will then file a Power of Attorney with the IRS.  This will provide you with immediate relief because from this point on the IRS will be required to contact us instead of you.
  3. We Begin the Process - Together we will develop a strategy for resolving your case and advise you on what steps to take for the most effective resolution.  We will be in direct contact with you to obtain all the facts and request any necessary information and documentation.
  4. Get in IRS Compliance - Generally, before the IRS will work with us you must become a compliant taxpayer.  You must file any delinquent tax returns and demonstrate that you are keeping up with your current tax payments.
  5. Our IRS Proposal - We will propose a plan of resolution to the IRS that you can live with and see through to acceptance.
  6. Resolution Reached - We will review the final resolution of your case by the IRS to make sure it is as agreed upon.  You will be advised on what you must do in order to succeed with your resolution and avoid future tax problems.


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FAX: (877)229-5269
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