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Tax Services

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Tax Prep

Simple       $200/up 
 You may own a home, have kids, some savings interest & dividends and still be in this category. 
(includes Schedules A and B)
Complex     $395/up
 You may own a small business or rental properties. You may have vesting stock options, or even be an active day trader. 
This would be anyone not considered a "Simple" return above.
*one time $25 set up fee applies for new individual clients



Tax Prep  IRS Forms  Cost CA Cost KY      
 LLCs & Partnerships  1065  $600/up  $500/up
 C-Corps  1120  $750/up $600/up
 Plus  Schedule L  $1250/up $900/up
 S-Corps  1120S  $750/up $600/up
 Plus Schedule L or Separatley Stated Items  $1250/up $900/up
  *one time $50 set up fee applies for new business clients    
Property Taxes 571-L  $225/up $175/up
 Payroll Taxes  940/941  $225/up $175/up
 Sales & Use Taxes  BOE  $225/up $175/up


Tax Planning

Tax Planning Services Cost CA Cost KY
Per Quarter for Individuals  $275/up  $225/up
Per Quarter for Businesses  $375/up $325/up

Tax Force Inc has a coaching service to give clients a plan for reducing their tax liability. 

Our competition crunches numbers to illustrate what-if scenarios based on future projections.  They provide you dry numbers in more detail than you need or want.  But clients like you don't want numbers.  

You want savings.

Tax savings is what Tax Force Inc tax coaching is all about.  Instead of relying exclusively on projections that may or may not come to be, we quiz our clients on what's happening in your life right now and what changes, if any, can be expected - families and homes, jobs, businesses and investments.

This approach enables us to see things through your eyes and mesh our tax and financial knowledge with your situation.  Using that information, we recommend specific, customized strategies for saving tax dollars.

That's the kind of proactive approach that Tax Force Inc has become known for.  We make things happen rather than wait for them to happen.

When it comes to improving our client's bottom line, we take an innovative and entrepreneurial approach.
Tax Force Inc thinks there's a lot more to being your tax advisor than preparing a tax return.

Tax Force Inc's tax coaching services include a personalized written report as well as updates of changing tax laws.  Allow us the opportunity to prepare your business or personal income return and start your tax plan strategies today.  

Tax Buddy Bundles 

Bundle your tax services above with a Profit Trackers Inc bookkeeping package and save!


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